ePub Conversion and Formatting Services – A Great Option For eBooks!

Till now eBook authors, publishers and the whole ePublishing industry had to select from different formatting options when opting to convert a book into digital format. The eBook publishing industry didn’t have a common formatting standard that would help/allow the readers to read eBooks in one format on different eBook readers. The scene changed when International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) came forward with a free open eBook standard called the ePub format. An ePub file can be read on wide array of digital devices such as Adobe Digital Edition, Nook, iPad, Sony Reader and Smartphones like iPhone and BlackBerry. This increased the demand for ePub conversion and formatting services, so that the authors and publishers would reach more readers all across the world.

Basic ePub formatting andePub conversion services consist of basic formatting checks and then conversion of the file in any format supplied by the client such as DOC, TEXT, HTML or RTF into ePub format. They also cover insertion of images, creation of index or table of contents, etc. You can convert ePub format into various other formats such as MOBI, PDB, and RTF, and run them on different eBook reading devices such as Kindle, and Barnes and Noble. ePub format has found global acceptance in very short span of time and is a globally accepted format for eBooks in almost any category and any shape and size.

Professional digital conversion companies providing ePub conversion services are proving to be immensely beneficial to authors, publishers, publishing houses, universities and libraries. You just need to send in your files in any format such as HTML, XML, Quark, RTF, Word, PDF, and InDesign and their conversion specialists will efficiently and accurately convert your files into digital books and other publications in ePub format. Eminent digital conversion service providers strictly comply with the standards set by the IDPF.

Outsourcing to reputed and reliable eBook conversion companies gives you the following benefits-
·         100% accurately and perfectly converted, and formatted eBooks and other digital content
·         Enhanced digital reading experience for the readers
·         Provision of converting any format into ePub format
·         Minimum turnaround time
·         Cost effective ePub conversion and ePub formatting services
·         Documents are thoroughly checked by formatting experts before initiating the conversion process
·         Round the clock customer service
·         Free trial sample
·         Stringent quality checks and adherence to international quality/publishing/conversion standards
·         Complete security and confidentiality of the files shared 

Outsource PubMed Conversion Services to Reputed Digital Conversion Companies

In the age of ever-changing digital world and fast growing digitalization, the compliance to new and evolving digital formats is mandatory. PubMed is a highly influential online repository, which is developed and maintained by NCBI – National Center of Biotechnology, at the U.S. National Library for Medicine –NLM. It allows the sharing of biomedical journals citations to NCBI and provides a link to full text information of the articles at journal website via Link out. Employing PubMed Central Journal Article Tag Suite also known as JATS, association publishers, commercial publishers and institutional repositories can attain enhanced storage and distribution of vital medical information.

Eminent digital conversion companies providing PubMed conversion services, strictly adhere to NLM prescribed PubMed XML format, while creating PubMed books. They help the clients with everything, starting from strategy and designing to ongoing conversion. PubMed eBooks creation companies create affordable, secure and responsive journals that adapt to business needs.

To submit articles/journals to the PubMed central library it is necessary to convert the content into XML format. PubMed conversion services make it easier to get the content converted into the required format and get it approved and accepted by the PubMed central library.

Digital conversion companies creating PubMed books can efficiently and accurately convert books, articles, journals, manuscripts and almost any type of content that is to be submitted to the PubMed central library. They accept the content in various formats such as Word, Text, PDF, SGML, ePub and most other electronic formats along with handwritten documents.  

Benefits of availing PubMed conversion services from reputed digital conversion companies –

      ·    Their dedicated, skilled and experienced conversion specialists ensure that the conversion process is accurately completed within quick turnaround time.
      ·    They apply stringent quality checks to make the conversion process error free and get high quality output. 
      ·    Their experts also ensure that the PubMed central library quickly accepts the converted content to simplify the work of the client.
      ·    They can also efficiently carry out the complex process of PubMed DTD/Schema.
      ·    During the PubMed eBooks creation process, they apply quality checks and other manual interventions to weed out errors if any.
      ·    Their experts can also process scientific formulas and other complex images as per the guidelines set for submission of content to the PubMed central library.
      ·    They offer comprehensive PubMed books creation at highly affordable prices.
      ·    They can also link back the content from the library to the client’s website to ensure that the client gets maximum benefits. 
      ·    Availing these professional services also helps in increasing the revenue while lowering the costs of conversion.

      ·    Their experts also assist with the submission of content and optimization of biomedical journal. 

Layout Services for Journals

A fixed layout is a document (e.g. - journal) layout that stays the same as it was designed. Such a layout cannot be changed to accommodate incoming data. Fixed layout conversion services are in great demand all across the world. Fixed layout has more to offer than standard eBook formats in terms of formatting and layout. Fixed-layout titles can closely replicate the layout of an InDesign file or a print PDF. Fixed layout is no longer restricted to just PDF, DjVu, CBR/CBZ but now is also available in some versions of ePub. This is one of the vital reasons of increasing demand for layout services for journals, as they make the journals accessible on varied digital reading devices.

Fixed layout conversion services for Apple, Kobo, Google and Sony

Fixed-layout ePub3 files work across an increasing number of devices and platforms. They can be sold through Google Play, Kobo, Apple’s iBooks app and iTunes and Sony’s Reader Store. They are not yet supported on Amazon kindle devices or Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

Most ePub3 compatible devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus and Kobo Arc allow the readers to switch between viewing the digital document (e.g. – Journal) as single page or as double page spreads. Most devices have an animated page turn option. Unlike regular eBook formats, which allow the readers to change settings such as the font, line spacing, text size, with fixed-layout files the page elements are fixed. Although, ePub3 format compatible devices give the readers the ability to zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the page.

Fixed layout conversion services for Amazon Kindle

Amazon is offering fixed layout through its KF8 format. Although, KF8 does not have many features of the ePub3 format, fixed layout KF8 files work on most Kindle devices, like the Kindle PaperWhite, Kindle Fire tablet range and most Kindle apps. Some Kindle devices have smaller screens and can only transfer a limited amount of content at a time. The most operative KF8 fixed layout titles are those where the content specially the text is not too small.

Fixed layout conversion for Barnes and Noble’s Nook

Professional fixed layout conversion service providers can produce fixed layout journals in PagePerfect format, which can be sold through B & N’s Nook Book stores. PagePerfect format is compatible with Nook color devices and B & N’s Nook tablets.  PagePerfect is based on PDF format and can be read in single or double page views. 

Affordable and Customized XML Conversion Services

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XML is short for Extensible Markup Language. It is globally recognized as one of the key formats for exchange of information and representation on the internet. Today, most of the information is stored and maintained in structured databases. With the internet controlling the way information is shared, the demand as well as need for affordable and customized XML conversion services has increased significantly.  There are particular applications to convert data into XML format for the purpose of exchange. Structured as well as unstructured documents can be converted into XML, although the method for converting unstructured documents is a little more complex.

Data conversion companies are playing a pivotal role in today’s ever-changing world. Businesses and companies wishing to convert their data into XML are outsourcing their requirements to professional service providers. This helps them overcome the challenge of converting large volumes of data for sharing across varied internet platforms.

Challenges in XML conversion

XML conversion process in simple terms means to convert data from a specific format into XML format.  This conversion is done by following certain specific XML codes.  XML conversion allows the data to be presented in a user-friendly and web friendly format. Several formats can be converted into XML format such as Access, HTML, PDF, SGML, Word, XHTML and TXT.

The amount of effort required and the complexities faced while converting any data into XML format directly depends on how structured the documents are. When the data to be converted is in unstructured or semi-structured format, then the source data often becomes difficult to manage. Fewer problems are encountered when converting structured relational and tabular data into XML.

Due to these reasons and complexities it is better to outsource XML conversion requirements to an experienced and reliable conversion services provider.

Outsourcing can prove to be beneficial in many ways such as –

        ·   Professional conversion service providers hire conversion specialists. These qualified experts have wide experience can implement the conversion process accurately, easily and quickly.  

        ·    Outsourcing is also a great solution for businesses and companies which usually have a large amount of data to be documented. Outsourcing conversion requirements to a reliable XML conversion company would help them concentrate on other core business activities.   

        ·    XML conversion allows improved sharing of information. Availing professional services allows the data to be converted into proper formats to be shared across varied networks. The benefit of professional services is the authenticity of the original document is preserved. 

        ·    Choosing a reputed and reliable service provider for your conversion requirements would also ensure high quality and maximum accuracy in the converted file.

        ·    Outsourcing companies also provide services at competitive pricing and can customize services as per the requirement and the budget of the customer.

        ·    They also adhere to strict quality measures and follow quality practices and standards for assured safety and confidentiality of data.

Thus, opting for XML conversion services by a qualified and experienced XML conversion service provider would ensure accurate and speedy conversion solutions even for very large data bases, saving businesses a lot time, money as well as efforts.

Companies offering Customized and Affordable DTBooks Conversion Services

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DTBooks is short for Digital Talking eBooks. They are a special form of digital books, which are designed for those who prefer hearing content rather than reading it. Digital talking books come with a digital audio file that reads the text aloud. These books work great with people with disabilities such as visual impairment, making it convenient for them to enjoy books and flip pages as it automatically changes the pages as the narration progresses.  Digital talking books are also a big hit with young children and students who have to refer to large volumes.

Digital conversion service providers’ offers specialized services such as DTBook Conversion Services, to cater to the needs of authors and publishers to create and convert eBooks into a digital talking format. 

The digital conversion process –

DTBook conversion process is complex and requires experience for utmost perfection and accuracy. It requires the incorporation of readability features in combination with high quality navigation. The process becomes simpler and smoother for conversion companies as they have the right mix of resources such as skilled and experienced conversion specialists, latest technology and techniques along with understanding and knowledge of the latest market trends. They can develop digital talking books keeping in mind the specific audience of the eBooks that they are developing.  

Formats –
Various kinds of file formats can be easily transformed into DTBooks with the help of professional conversion services. Professional conversion specialists can convert documents and books in any format into digital talking books as per the requirement of the customer. The first step is to convert the files into XML format and at that time the progression of development of a talking book follows.  

The audience and benefiters of DTBooks–
Self-published and independent writers/authors as well as publishing houses are availing the benefits of DTBook Conversion Services. Availing such specialized services helps them reach a wider audience. On the other hand, digital talking books are being enjoyed by everyone ranging from young kids to techno savvies. Digital talking books are a great way to unwind and can also be enjoyed while on the move. Also, these books are catering to a varied section like children’s story books, illustrations, reference books, novels, etc.

Benefits of availing such conversion services from conversion experts - 

·         Besides converting content and books into DTBooks, they also offer flawless navigation and rich explanation of illustrations and visual elements.

·         They are adept at converting books/content from virtually any format into XML files based on international publishing and quality standards, such as ANSI NISO.

·         Experience of creating DTBooks for a varied range of multimedia devices.

·         Guaranteed zero loss of data during conversion process.

·         Complete security and confidentiality of books/content during and after the conversion process.

·         Strict adherence to W3C standards and DAISY guidelines.

Companies creating Interactive eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3

eBooks and eBook readers are evolving at a very rapid pace. Latest tools, software, formats, styles and several other elements and features are being used to create engaging eBooks and enhance the reading experience of the readers. The first and the foremost advantage of hiring a reputed conversion company is that by using the power of HTML5 and CSS3, their experts can create amazing CSS3 transitions and transformations; and high performance animations to make your eBooks look interactive and visually compelling to the readers. With the help of enhanced ePub3 services, they can create eBooks with embedded video and audio files along with images and text to increase the interactivity of eBooks. Their professionals use HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive and animated eBooks which are highly engaging and appealing.

Let us discuss the various features and advantages that come with HTML5 and CSS3 and are critical in developing interactive eBooks - 
  • Better styling and improved presentation of the content and elements
  • CSS3 for animations, columns and text shadows, etc.
  • Creation of animated characters that augment the experience of the reader
  • Creation of buttons for added animation to make the eBook look more alluring and attractive
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animated eBooks offer built-in support for SVG and MathML
  • Integration of audio and video elements without the use Flash or any other any plugin
  • Inclusion of added functionalities such as Canvas, Geolocation and Finger Painting etc.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics for better clarity of images and other illustrations
  • Semantic markup

How will hiring a reputed digital content conversion company to create interactive eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3 benefit you?

      1. The customer gets the benefit of animated, engaging and interactive eBooks which was formerly possible only with dedicated apps.

      2. Animated HTML5 and CSS3 children’s eBooks and illustrations do well than the apps that are developed in the Apple iBook Store for the very same purpose.

            3. In comparison to development of apps you can save a significant amount with the development of HTML5 and CSS3 animated and interactive ePub eBooks.

      4. By using the MathML feature of HTML5 and CSS3, the conversion specialists can re-size the equations like text, style them and interact with the equations by using JavaScript.

·        5. Using CSS3, their expert conversion specialists can enhance the style quotient of your content, text shadows, transitions, rounded corners and animations.  

·        6. Taking advantage of the Geolocation function of HTML5, you can avail various options like Geolocation-based games such as geocaching, scavenger hunt, etc., interactive atlas, made-to-order travel/restaurant guides and road maps.

Outsource Read Aloud Books Conversion Services to an expert company

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What are read aloud books?

Read aloud books are a creative and innovative version of the normal eBooks.  They give digital readers the option to switch to narration by using the read aloud option on their read aloud compatible devices. Authors and publishers of children’s story and illustrated books are availing read aloud books conversion services to add audio files to their story and poems/rhyme books to increase their readership and enhance the reading experience of young readers.

Users are given the full control of handling the audio files as per their preferences, like turning the soundtrack on or off, opt for turning the pages automatically as the narration progresses and choose highlighting of words as they are being heard. Read aloud books are only compatible with iOS devices.

Who is their audience?

Although, read aloud eBooks are rapidly becoming famous with all generations, their main audiences remain:

      ·    Young children and their parents - Read aloud eBooks are bringing back the art of storytelling. Parents are using read aloud books to inculcate good habits and hobbies in their kids. Children thoroughly enjoy narration of their favorite stories and poems.

      ·    Visually impaired - These books are a great advantage to the visually impaired as they can enjoy their books without much of a hassle anytime and anywhere
      ·    Students – Read aloud books are of great advantage to students as they can listen to lengthy volumes without having to carry bulky books around. A major advantage of read aloud books, is the replay option which allows the listeners to re-listen/re-play a specific portion.

Professionals on the move or people going for walks and jogs can also enjoy listening to their favorite authors and make the best use of their time. Read aloud books are also an instant hit with people who want to unwind with a book after a tiring day.

Why avail read aloud books conversion services from a conversion service provider?

      ·    Companies providing read aloud books conversion services can easily and efficiently convert your eBooks or paperbacks and any other digital content into read aloud books.

      ·    An experienced service provider can produce a well-managed illustration and story books with images and audio/video files added to enhance the reading experience of digital readers.

      ·    A professional service provider can convert your files into read aloud books within quick turnaround time with the perfect combination of various resources such as skilled manpower, modern technologies and world class infrastructure.

      ·    They create a perfect blend of technology mixed with text which can enjoyed by opting for the read aloud option on their read aloud books compatible devices such as the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone.

·    Proficient conversion specialists can add in the narrated audio files as sent by you or arrange for professional voice over/narration artists, as required. These professional voices over artists hold strong command over several languages. You can also get a soundtrack embed along with the audio narration. 


Benefits of Availing eBook Conversion Services from Expert Companies

Define an eBook?

An eBook is either a digital duplication of a paperback or can be written and released keeping in mind the online audience. An eBook is read using a Computer, Laptop, Smartphones or special eBook reading devices such as the Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader and Noble and Barn, etc. Different digital reading devices require different formats to read the book. Devices specially used for the purpose of reading eBooks and other digital content such as eMagazines and eNewspapers are called eReaders or e-Book readers.

ebook conversion company, ebook conversion service provider, ebook conversion services companyWhy should you avail professional eBook conversion services?

The eBook audience is growing at a very rapid pace. They are becoming a fad with all generations across the world. They are various features and advantages owing to their popularity. eBooks are cheaper than their paper copies and can sometimes even be downloaded for free. Online libraries and educational and academic websites give their users the benefit to download and read eBooks for free or for a nominal fee. Another advantage of eBooks is that a large number of them can be stored and saved in one device. An eBook reader or a PC can store several hundreds of books at the same time whereas physically storing the same number of books requires a lot of space. As per the requirement of the reader the color, page size, font size, format and other such features can be customized.  There are easily manageable and most eBook readers, phones and tablets can be carried in handbags or pockets.

Why outsource eBook conversion requirements to conversion service providers?
 ·         Expert, experienced and skilled conversion specialists.  
       ·         Benefit of latest technology and world-class infrastructure without any investment in the same.
       ·         Outsourcing companies adhere to international quality standards.
       ·         Outsourcing companies also have professional formatting experts to check your eBook for typing, spelling and grammatical mistakes to provide you with 100% accurately converted and formatted end product.
      ·         Expert conversion service providers provide accurate conversion solutions at the most competitive prices.
      ·         Professional eBook companies are expert at conversion of books or any other scanned document into any electronic format. They can also covert an eBook from one format to another format.
      ·         They can also re-size and re-position the images and add images or graphics to your existing eBooks.  
      ·         They can also tag and link the “Index or Table of Contents” if required.
      ·         They can convert your eBooks and paperbacks in any format such as Amazon kindle, Microsoft 
      Reader, Palm Digital Media, Amazon Whispernet, HTML, Mobipocket, PDF, Quark, Adobe InDesign, MOBI, AZW, PRC, ePub, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader and Apple iBooks Author.
      To avail professional ebook conversion services, click here

Want to convert Flash Websites into HTML5 Websites?

Nowadays, most people are accessing internet on their hand-held devices. iPhones have gained fast popularity across the globe and have an ever increasing number of users. Flash based websites are compatible with devices supporting up to Android 4.0 and not compatible with some devices such as the iPhones. Businesses and companies lose a substantial amount of visitors when internet users can’t access their websites due to compatibility issues. Many businesses and companies have invested large amount of money in developing Flash based websites as some features which cannot be designed in HTML can be designed easily using Flash.

It can be very expensive for companies to change or redesign their websites but by availing professional Flash to HTML5 conversion services, they can get their files and data converted from Flash to HTML5 at affordable rates and quick turnaround time. HTML5 is a stack of CSS, HTML and JavaScript. It does not require any third party plugins to play videos, and 2D and 3D graphics in the browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

By availing Flash to HTML5 conversion services you can enjoy the benefit of several amazing features to increase the user’s experience with  better web sockets, flow charts, email inputs, attractive graphic features, error handling and 2D games with numerous add-ons, flowchart availability and data caching from the client’s end.

Some of the other vital advantages of using HTML5 are –

      ·         It helps in enhancing the web experience of the users and provides seamless navigation.
      ·         It is supported by almost all the browsers and there is no restriction on the use of a particular browser for running a particular application.
      ·         Websites based on HTML5 are SEO friendly.  They feature on the initial pages of prominent search engines and have higher rankings. Improved ranking possibilities and SEO makes HTML5 a wiser and reliable option for website conversion.
      ·         It has several remarkable features related to quick responsiveness.
      ·         It allows the developers to generate and use attractive/innovative designs for webpages to help attract more visitors.
      ·         It also allows the mobile application developers to design and develop dynamic websites and use extravagant animation and embed audio and video files with much more ease.
      ·         HTML5 provides superior functionality, rich multimedia support and new semantic elements.
      ·         It is supported on various devices such as the iPhone and iPads, etc.

The benefits of hiring a professional Flash to HTML5 Conversion Company

      ·         Get your work done by experienced and skilled conversion specialists.
      ·         Reputed companies ensure that you get high quality services, the converted files and data is checked and       approved by their Formatting Specialists and Quality Experts so that you get 100% error free and            accurately converted final output.  
      ·         Cost effective services and delivery of work within quick turnaround time.  
      ·         Conversion companies use latest software and specially designed processes.
      ·         Abundant manpower and dedicated project manager/supervisor to maintain a regular and healthy 
            communication with the clients as well as to keep a tab on the progress of the work.

      ·         24/7 available customer service to resolve your queries and concerns. 

      To avail professional Flash to HTML5 conversion services, click here

Benefits of Availing ePub3 Conversion Services from Professionals

 ePub3 Conversion Services
 ePub3 Conversion Services
 With the increasing readership and demand of digital books, the need for a user friendly and feature rich format becomes almost mandatory. We will discuss some of the top most benefits and reasons behind the increasing popularity of ePub3 format. These reasons would also unfold the advantages of availing professional ePub3 Conversion Services.

Markup Control –
Controlling the markup to develop good quality eBooks does not remain a concern with ePub3 format. With this format, professional service providers can now offer attractive and varied structures and semantics to authors and publishers. With the help of ePub3 conversion services it is possible to take maximum advantage to enhance the user’s experience and expand readership.

Avail Markup Control Benefits –
ePub3 allows several Markup control benefits involving figures, sidebars and sections. These hold vital significance specially for academic publications. For example, while dealing with academic publications –complex mathematical formulas can be represented as they were meant to be using the MathML feature, this non image format also comes with necessary info graph for easier understanding.

Rich Navigation Benefits –
Limitations related to navigation can become a hindrance in the digital reading experience. By availing ePub3 conversion services it is possible to opt for TOC navigation related to the main publication structure.  ePub3 format enhances the digital reading experience by manifold.

Text to Speech Features –
ePub3 conversion also helps the authors and publishers opt for latest eBook advancements like talk aloud feature and other interactive features which will help them reach a varied audience and also enhance the digital reading experience of their readers. ePub3 increases the ability of your book with features such as pronunciation and intonation of the text. Thus, this format is also beneficial and preferred by those with visual impairment, young children and professionals and parents inclined towards interactive learning.

Higher Level of Interactivity –
The interactive features can add or change the complete reading experience for your readers. ePub3 format supports a higher level of interactivity where the reader can look up the meaning of words and phrases, share their favorite quotes/portions and chapters with others, post comments online and enjoy the audio and video features.

With an array of amazing features and benefits ePub3 is gaining fast popularity with authors as well as digital publishing companies. Another vital advantage of availing the services from reputed service providers is that you can also opt for their ePub3 formatting services, which will assure that you 100% error free and accurately converted files in the most economical prices.

Why Outsource Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services?

The world of Web design is no more as simple as it used to be, the technology has evolved tremendously and the digital market is flooded with Smartphones. Users can access the internet through their Smartphones such as the iPhone. Phones are being preferred to laptops due to their lightness and portability. With the ever evolving technology and innovations happening throughout the world, the technology is becoming obsolete equally faster.When a site design is based on older technology, it also affects the traffic adversely.

Take for example, Flash based websites are not compatible with iPhones. Many companies and businesses have invested heavily in developing Flash based websites as some of the features that cannot be designed in HTML can be easily designed using Flash. Flash based websites can be easily downloaded on desktops and laptops but not on iPhones and iPads. It can prove to be very expensive to change or redesign websites for iPhone users. By availing expert Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services from a reputed and experienced Flash Conversion Company, website owners can get their data/files converted from Flash to HTML5 in the fastest time possible and at the most cost effective prices.

The iPhone’s screen is much smaller than the screen of a desktop or a notebook. Mostly, websites are designed to be displayed on a screen of 1024x768 or 1280x1024. These sites are not adaptable to iPhone screens. When a website is not compatible with the OS or iPhone platform, Smartphone users using iPhones will not be able to access that website and the purpose of the website is lost. More and more companies are opting for websites based on HTML5 over Flash based websites or Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services as HTML5 based websites can be easily accessed on iPhones.
The advantages of using HTML5 conversion and development services –

       ·  HTML5 is supported by almost all browsers and so there is no restriction on the use of a specific browser for running an application.
       ·   It brings with it several amazing features related to quick responsiveness.
       ·   It is primarily used to enhance the web experience and provide seamless navigation.
       ·   It provides superior functionality including new semantic elements and rich multimedia support.
       ·   The developers can generate and use extravagant designs for webpages to attract more visitors to the client’s webpage. It provides an easier approach to mobile application developers for designing and developing dynamic sites with fancy animation and with embedded audio and video in the web pages.
       ·   HTML5 Mobile Web Development provides support to various devices such as the iPad and the iPhone. It provides an easy transformation and compatibility of the web pages with mobile devices.

The advantages of outsourcing Flash To HTML5 Conversion requirements –

       ·  The benefit of skilled, experienced and highly qualified conversion specialists.
       ·   Quick turnaround time for the delivery of converted files.
       ·   Their conversion specialists are experienced and trained at proficiently handling even high volumes of data.
       ·   Cost effective and high quality solutions.
       ·   State-of-the-art tools and techniques. 
       ·   Outsourcing assures that you get 100% error free documents.
       ·   Saves on time, efforts and costs. 

eBook Conversion Companies in India and in other Asian countries

The sheer demand of ebook conversion services is increasing with each passing day. Consequently, ebook conversion companies in India and in other Asian countries are overloaded with conversion work. Certainly, those who are associated with this digital publishing industry understand – why clients from western countries majorly contact ebook conversion companies in India and in other Asian countries? But in case, you’re not aware of it, we’ll tell you why? For that, just keep on reading this post.

  “I need ebook conversion services” – This is what searchers generally type on Google search bar when they desperately require the contact details of a reputed ebook conversion company. As a result, Google displays numerous significant results, taking the searchers to the website of popular ebook conversion companies, which are best in the industry and offering top-notch ebook conversion services.

“I need the contact details of an ebook conversion company in India” – this is another common phrase that searchers submit to Google, Yahoo and Bing. This particular phrase clearly unveils the inclination that people have towards the ebook conversion companies in India. Companies, organizations and even individuals from US, UK, Canada and from other American and European countries deliberately search for Indian ebook conversion companies because they precisely know that Indian ebook conversion companies offer cheap services. Perhaps that is why majority of the searchers looking for ebook conversion services outsource their work to Indian companies.

Affordable ebook conversion services is what you get from India and from other Asian countries is what clients in US, UK and in other Western countries generally believe. And it is true.  

The ebook conversion companies in India are known to offer affordable ebook conversion services. In addition, they offer fastest turnaround time with quality intact. Companies offering document conversion services and related ebook conversion solutions acknowledges the vitality of top-notch services, thus, they remain resolute and do their best job to ensure that their clients remain satisfied with the services they have catered them with.

There are certainly numerous ebook conversion companies operating in the market across the planet, but honestly, clients are in quest of customized and affordable ebook conversion services. That is why they mainly contact ebook conversion companies in India and in other Asian countries where bespoke services are being offered to the clients at reasonable price line. 

Why Avail Specialized Flash Flip Book Conversion Services for Your eBooks?

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Flash Flip Book Conversion Services
While reading a book or a magazine, flipping pages is a common and a repetitive activity. In a layman’s language, Flash Flip services give the users the option to flip the pages in a digital way. By availing professional Flash Flip Conversion services you can convert your simple PDF documents into Flip Books. Flash Flip is improving and enhancing the way readers are enjoying the digital reading experience. Such specialized services require technical knowledge, experience, skills, time and efforts.

One of the vital features of Flash Flip is that it works in all resolutions and this feature allows the publishers to make publications in different sizes. Another advantage is that it provides an easy usage by lowering the display quality. With Flash Flip a publisher can create unique publications which offer services for online as well as offline publications.  Some of the other advantageous features of Flash Flip books are full screen, fit to page, zoom in, zoom out, selecting the background images and sound options, option of the quality, highlighting words are the narration progresses and page print.

Flash flip eBooks are available in 2 versions - Flash Page Flip- Pro ASP and Flash Page Flip- Pro PHP. Both the versions mostly have the same features but have different web server requirements.  In case of Flash Page Flip- Pro PHP a publisher can make their own publications like flip album, flipping books, outline catalogues and digital brochures, etc. With this version, the publisher can become a member of publications, add notes, choose background images and sounds, etc.  

Whereas, in case of Flash Flip Page- Pro ASP, the publisher can make publications like flipping books and digital brochures, etc. similar to the Flash Flip version. The publishers can also upload the formatted pages, make unlimited categories and add indefinite publications into these files.

By availing expert and affordable Flash Flip book conversion services the authors and publishers can get unique, modern and user friendly publications to attract more readers and also increase their profits.

The following are the reasons an author/individual should avail professional and specialized Flash Flip Conversion Services –

      ·         Proficient and skilled experts
      ·         Fast turn around time
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