Customized and Affordable KF8 Conversion Services

Kindle Format 8 or KF8 was launched by Amazon in the year 2012. KF8 is Amazon’s next generation file format with a wide array of new enhancements and features. KF8 is creating opportunities to produce highly enhanced Kindle books using 150 new formatting options. It supports several amazing features to augment the digital reading experience of e-book readers.  The demand for KF8 conversion services has increased with more and more writers and publishers wanting to convert their content into Kindle Format 8.

Some of the new and enhanced features of Kindle format 8 eBooks –
  • Callouts
  • Drop caps
  • Embedded fonts
  • Fixed Layouts
  • Floating elements
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Nested tables
  • Text on background images
  • Support for page numbers
  • Support for Audio and Video
  • Support for HTML5
  • Sidebars and Scalable Vector Graphics
The new features of Kindle Format 8 such as Kindle Text Pop Up and Kindle Panel Views help in creation of great fixed layout books specially technical books, recipe books, graphic novels, children’s books and comics, etc. Service providers offering Kindle format services are also extending specialized services such as Kindle Format 8 Conversion Services. Conversion companies providing bespoke services such as KF8 conversion services have the required tools and expertise in extending support for these new features to your eBooks.

KF8 conversion services include converting unstructured documents into strong content depositories, thus utilizing all possible opportunities available with the new Kindle format 8 to create Kindle books that readers will love to read and explore. Conversion experts offering KF8 conversion services can proficiently execute even the most complex requirements such as scalable vector graphics, fixed layouts, sidebars, drop caps, callouts, nested tables and numbered lists.

With nearly 150 formatting abilities and support for HTML5 and CSS3, Kindle format 8 is gradually replacing the conventional Mobi format. KF8 format provides immense potential to the conversion and formatting projects. KF8’s formatting capabilities include embedded fonts and CSS selectors such as alignment, line spacing, margin, border, style, color and justification, etc.

Why avail KF8 conversion services from professional service providers?

·         Outsourcing firms have dedicated support and technical teams to understand their requirements and provide the most appropriate and affordable solutions.
·         They are well equipped with tools and techniques to handle the most complex conversions with ease and accuracy.
·         Quick response and turnaround time.
·         Bespoke Kindle Format 8 Conversion Services at cost-effective prices.  
·         Professional service providers offer unencrypted digital version that can read equally well on all devices.
·         High degree quality check at various stages to retain uniformity and consistency.

Customized and Affordable Kindle Conversion Services

With the advent of technology, people are preferring to read digital books on specialized e-Book reading devices such as Kindle. These specialized reading devices allow readers to download and store thousands of eBooks at one place and are cheaper, lighter and easily portable unlike paperbacks and hard bounds. Kindle is an e-Book reading device which was launched by Amazon. With the rising demand of Kindle, the demand for affordable kindle conversion services has also increased significantly. Kindle allows the users to download and read content from Amazon in .awz format. It is recognized as one of the favorite e-Book readers in the market and Amazon’s Kindle format has become the most widely used digital format for writers and publishers who want to explore wider global markets. The content compatible with this device is more popular among readers and earns more revenue for the writers/publishers than others. Kindle conversion services come into use when the content you want to download is in any other formats like HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG, etc.

Before converting a printed book or a book from another format into Kindle format, the experts from outsourcing companies review the entire document and make the required modifications. BespokeKindle conversion services are helping publishers and authors to reach millions of eBook readers with error-free eBooks in different genres. Improper formatting can ruin your books and make the readers lose interest in your content. The quality of your document is essential for your success and hiring only specialized MobiPocket / Kindle conversion and formatting specialist will assure the same.

Some of most widely availed and customized Kindle conversion services are -  

        ·       HTML to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        XML to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        ePub to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        TXT to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        PDF format to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        MS-Word to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        QuarkXPress to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        Adobe InDesign to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        Hard copies to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
        ·        Scanned and printed material to MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion

The topmost advantages that can be benefitted by outsourcing kindle conversion services:

·         Professional conversion specialists can handle the most complex of conversions with proficiency and accuracy.
·         Outsourcing companies complete your work at highly cost-effective prices and in the fastest turnaround time.  
·         Conversion service providers are proficient at handling complex elements like footnotes, tables and charts, etc.
·         Outsourcing companies also review and check the entire document thoroughly for any typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and formatting issues before starting the conversion process.
·         Professional conversion service providers work by high standards to provide their clients with the best and perfectly converted documents.

·         A dedicated team and a dedicated supervisor or project manager are assigned to oversee your assignment till the final delivery to keep your documents in as many minimum hands as possible. 

eBook Conversion Companies in United States and in Other Parts of the World

eBooks are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world because of their excellent features such as -

-      1. They are cheaper than their printed paper counterparts.

2. They can be accessed/read/downloaded on a wide variety of electronic devices such as PC’s, laptops, e-Book readers, tablets and smartphones.

3. They do not take the physical space required to keep the similar number of paper books.

4. You can find an extensive range of eBooks in any genre.

5. A lot of eBooks can be downloaded for free or for a nominal subscription fee.

6. Hundreds of eBooks can be stored together in one place.

7. eBooks are much easier to read on the go and e-Book readers take lesser space.

8. They can be downloaded by just a click.

e-Book readers also come with amazing features like read aloud option, highlighting the text as the narration progresses, zooming the page, auto flipping option, customizing font, underlining the text, sharing favorite paragraphs/quotes/stories with friends, search for word meanings, making digital notes and many more.

eBook conversion companies in United States and in other parts of the world are facing an increasing demand from writers and publishers to convert their paper books into digital books to reach a wider audience all across the globe.  

Some advantages of outsourcing eBook conversion work to an eBook Conversion Company in US –

      ·         With world class infrastructure, latest technologies and abundant manpower conversion companies can revert with the converted files in quick turnaround time. 

      ·        They use specialized tools and techniques to give top most quality solutions to their clients.

      ·         eBook conversion service providers are experienced and thorough in handling even the most complex conversions and can handle graphs, charts and footnotes, etc. with proficiency.  

      ·         Professional conversion companies also have formatting specialists to produce error free and perfectly converted files.

      ·        The best conversion companies will provide their customers with specialized services customized to suit their needs and budget without comprising on the quality of the output.  Some of their expert styling services consist of producing text, designs and layouts which are similar to the print edition to preserve the authenticity of the original document.

      ·        They can convert paper books and eBooks in any format Amazon kindle, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, Amazon Whispernet, HTML, Mobipocket, PDF, Quark, Adobe InDesign, MOBI, AZW, PRC, ePub, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader and Apple iBooks Author.

      ·        Outsourcing companies can even convert large volumes of files easily and rapidly.

Convert Your Documents from Print to PDF

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PDF short for Portable Document Format is a standard format used for publishing and distributing documents electronically. Most of the documents published on the web are in PDF because of its incredible features. Professional PDF conversion service providers can efficiently convert your Paper Documents, Excel, Word, HTML, XHTML, CSV, Binary or any other format based documents into PDF. Print to PDF conversion services are becoming indispensable to businesses as they are helping reduce paper management, increase productivity, manage files and documents more efficiently, reduce administrative tasks and save money.

Why convert print documents to PDF?

      1.       Converting paper printed documents into electronic files helps you save the physical space required to keep heaps of paper.

      2.      Electronically saved information can be retrieved effortlessly and rapidly.

      3.      Conversion of print documents to PDF reduces the chance of loss of documents and important files.

      4.      Once you convert print to pdf, the information can be exchanged/shared easily and quickly.

      5.      PDF files can also be exchanged on slower internet connections.

      6.      Quicker access to information also helps in faster decision making.

Vital advantages of Portable Document Format-

  • PDF files can be compressed and shared easily using the internet.
  • It is a self-contained cross platform format.
  • PDF supports true graphic transparency and thus, 3D drawings or objects can be easily embedded to PDF documents.
  • It allows reproduction of published documents on varied platforms.
  • It can contain text, fonts, images as well as 2D vector graphics.
  • PDF based documents can include and represent the actual fonts and images like that of the original document.
  • It is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to represent the documents electronically.
  • It is one of the most accurate page layout file formats.
  • PDF is useful in representing 2 dimensional documents in an independent manner in spite of any application software, hardware and OS being used by the user.
  • Users can even represent complex data structures using PDF.
  • PDF based documents can be encrypted for security and require a password to allow the user to view or edit the contents.  
  • Highly efficient and useful in sending application data to business applications and various browsers.
  • Users can quickly broadcast any information like text, graphics, images, tables, font and text, etc. using PDF files.
  • It allows even complex structured information to be downloaded efficiently.
  • PDF based documents can also be signed digitally.
  • PDF files can contain structured data/information to enable better text extraction.
  • It allows the users to instantly access any page from a lengthy document. 

Companies creating eBooks for Various Devices

There are a lot of companies creating eBooks for various devices. Let us discuss some vital tips to help you make the right choice while choosing a company for your eBook conversion requirements:- 

1. The service provider should have sufficient experience and knowledge in handling eBook conversions. Many companies also offer free trial sample to help the client get an insight into their quality. You could send them a few chapters/pages from your document which has to be converted and once they get back to you with the sample you could decide further.

2. One of the vital reasons to choose a company over free conversion software is the quality. Reputed conversion companies produce high quality eBooks while preserving the authenticity of the original document.

3. Conversion specialists are proficient in converting physical books as well as eBooks in any e-Book reading format to the format of your choice. They keep up with the latest market trends and help the clients make a better choice.

4. Sometimes even the slightest of error is enough to disappoint your readers. Professional companies take this very seriously and thus, also provide additional specialized services such as formatting and designing the cover to give your eBook the desired look of perfection.

5. With the latest tools and techniques these eBook conversion companies can create eBooks for any e-Book reading device such as Kindle, Barns and Nook, iOS devices, Smartphones, Tablets and Sony Reader, etc.

6. With abundant manpower, state-of-the-art technology and world class infrastructure these companies can also convert large volumes of files in the tightest deadlines.

7. Outsourcing companies provide expert eBook conversion services at an affordable price line.

8. Companies creating eBooks for any device can also add images and graphics during the conversion process as desired by the client. They can also re-size or re-position the existing images if required.

9. Besides creating perfectly formatted and converted books, eBook conversion companies also offer other features like read-aloud feature or fixed layout ePub conversion services. Readers as well as the writers and publishers are always looking for something new and innovative. Conversion companies are constantly pushing their boundaries to explore new avenues to provide their customers with the finest solutions.

10. Conversion specialists can create eBook in innumerous formats such as MOBI, AZW, PRC, PDF, Sony Reader, Palm Digital Media, Nook Kobo, HTML, ePub, iPad Barnes, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader and Adobe Digital Editions, etc.

Want to Convert Physical Books into eBooks?

Let us began by asking the question why should you convert your physical books into eBooks? The simplest answer being to reach a wider audience all around the globe. e-Books are available on the World Wide Web, which is accessible to the whole world. Anyone sitting anywhere at any time can download and read your book. eBooks are breaking the barriers of time and space. They can be easily downloaded in large numbers and stored in one place. eBooks don’t require the space required to keep the same number of physical books.

eBooks are also cheaper than physical books and are environment friendly. Various eBooks are also available for free download and can also be accessed for a nominal fee. eBooks can be accessed on various platforms such as personal computers, laptops, iOS devices and smartphones. An eBook conversion company convert your books into digital format without any hassle and also maintain their authenticity.

Different e-Book readers require different e-Book reading formats such as iPad, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, HTML, ePub, Mobipocket, MOBI, AZW, PRC, PDF Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, Nook Kobo and Barnes, etc. The client can choose to get his paper books converted into any format as required and also choose more than one format to reach more readers.

The process followed to convert physical books into eBooks-

      ·     The client sends the hard copies of the book to be converted
      ·     The requirements and terms are discussed with the client
      ·     First, the formatting experts review the entire document for errors and inconsistencies and correct the same
      ·     Then the conversion experts start with the conversion process  
      ·     Once the files have been converted, the final output is shared with the client
      ·     The client enlists the recommendations and modifications required further
      ·     After incorporating the required changes, the final files are sent to the client

Why avail professional eBook conversion services for converting your physical books into eBooks?

      ·    Specialized conversion services to convert your physical books into any format as per your requirement.
      ·    Cost effective rates.
      ·    Quick turnaround time.
      ·    Efficiency to convert even large volumes in the fastest possible time.
      ·    State-of-the-art conversion tools and technology.
      ·    Delivery of converted files in the tightest deadlines.
      ·    eBook conversion service providers assign a dedicated team consisting of conversion experts, formatting experts, coders and a project manager.
      ·    Strict adherence to global standards.
      ·    Security and confidentiality of the files shared during and after the assignment.
      ·    Reputed conversion companies also provide a free trial sample to give an insight into their quality and efficiency.

eBook Conversion Companies offering eBook Conversion Services

With the increasing use of the internet and the advent of technology in every field, the need of converting books into digital format has become crucial for writers and publishers to reach a wider audience all around the world. eBooks are catching the fancy of people of every generation due to being highly affordable, easily available and they can also be easily accessed and carried anywhere.

Let us discuss some of the vital advantages of availing eBook conversion services from reputed companies –

      ·        Companies offering specialized services like eBook conversion use the latest tools and techniques to produce faster and perfect results. Using free conversion software available online does not provide 100% error-free results.
      ·       Companies providing professional services are expert and experienced in their work. Their experience and knowledge often helps the writers and publishers greatly. They are updated and well aware of the market trends and advice their clients accordingly to help them make better choices.
      ·         Generally, an ebook conversion company assigns a separate team and a supervisor to give undivided attention to each project. The supervisor oversees the project till its final delivery and coordinates and updates the client at regular intervals.

      ·         Besides converting your book, conversion specialists also enhance the quality of your eBook. They work on the book to make it look perfect and attractive.

      ·        A major advantage of availing eBook conversion services from a reputed service provider is that they also check your document for formatting issues, typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes to produce a perfect and 100% error free eBook.

      ·        With state-of-the-art technology, vast infrastructure and abundant man power, conversion service providers can convert any amount of data in the quickest possible time.

      ·        eBook conversion service providers can proficiently convert your eBooks into various e-Book reading formats like MOBI, AZW, PRC, PDF Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader, Nook Kobo, Barnes, iPad, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, HTML, ePub, Mobipocket, and Amazon Whispernet, etc.

Further, let’s discuss the steps followed during the conversion process -

     1.       The client shares the files to be converted with the service provider.

     2.      The supervisor or the project manager discusses the project details with the client and then shares the requirement with the team.

     3.    The document is thoroughly checked for any errors and inconsistencies and the same are rectified. The    conversion specialists then begin with the conversion process.

     4.   The files are converted and sent back to the client.

     5.  Client either approves the files or emails the changes required further.

     6.  Changes are made and the final output is sent to the client via the medium of his choice.

Quality eBook Conversion Services

Top Most Reasons to avail High-Quality eBook Conversion Services -

1.       Availing quality eBook conversion services helps the writers and publishers attract more readers and increase the sales of their books by augmenting the content and outlook.

      2.       Hiring skilled and experienced conversion specialists is important to avoid any errors during the conversion process. Although, several online software are available on the web it is wiser to use professional services to maintain the quality and authenticity of the original text even after conversion.

      3.       The clarity, readability and visibility of the text and the pictures play an important role in the success of the books and their authors. Formatting issues and lack of clarity can put off the readers and adversely affect the sales.

      4.      eBook conversion companies also provide formatting and styling specialists to produce the finest quality output for their clients. Formatting experts take care of any issues with the format, remove any inconsistencies and correct the typing, spelling and grammatical errors to give the book a perfect and smart look.

      5.      Conversion specialists have the required knowledge and experience to produce 100% accurate and error free books. They can handle even the most complex and unique conversions with ease and accuracy.

      6.      Reputed conversion service providers have the man power and specialized tools and techniques to convert files in the fastest possible time and can provide the converted files in the tightest deadlines.

      7.       Conversion companies follow strict quality standards to provide high quality outcomes to their clients. The final output goes through several quality checks before the final delivery to the client.

      8.       A reputed eBook conversion company provide a platform to amateur as well as seasoned writers to explore the world of digital books. They guide writers with their experience and knowledge about the latest trends in the market.

      9.      Expert conversion specialists suggest and incorporate various innovative and latest features for the highest benefit of their clients.

      10.  Outsourcing companies providing eBook conversion services also provide their prospective clients with a free trial sample to demonstrate their skills and expertise.

      11.  eBook conversion companies ensure complete security and confidentiality of the manuscript during and after the conversion.
      12.  Professional eBook conversion companies can convert your eBooks into any format like MOBI, AZW, PRC, ePub, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, HTML, PDF Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader, Nook Kobo, Barnes, iPad, and Amazon Whispernet, etc.

Affordable and Best eBook Conversion Services Are What You Need?

So, what exactly are eBook conversion services?
Converting a paperback or hard bound into an electronic book or converting an eBook from one e-Book reading format to another e-Book reading format is known as eBook conversion. eBook conversion services refer to professional and affordable conversion services provided by outsourcing companies. With the rise in the readership of eBooks due to their outstanding features, the demand for reasonable eBook conversion services is also on a gradual rise.

What are the benefits of reasonable eBook conversion services?

Reputed outsourcing companies are working dedicatedly round the clock to provide the finest and most accurate conversion services to their clients. With a pool of talented experts, latest conversion technologies and techniques and state-of-the-art infrastructure these outsourcing companies offer reasonable eBook conversion services in the fastest possible time and in the most cost-effective prices.

eBooks are becoming the latest fad with all generations. Writers and publishers are using reasonable eBook conversion services to reach a wider audience as different eBook readers require different formats. eBook conversion services augment the appearance and presentation of your book and content to make it stand out from thousands of other eBooks available in the market.

An ebook conversion company also offer specialist styling and formatting services to enhance the text, layout, design and the format of the eBook. The formatting specialists check the manuscript for typos, spelling and grammatical mistakes and rectify the same before the conversion process.

The end output before the final delivery to the client is thoroughly checked, edited and validated by experts as even minor errors can tarnish the writer’s and the eBook’s reputation and in turn affect its sales.

Why outsource conversion requirements to a reasonable eBook conversion service provider?

1. Offer specialized services in the most competitive prices.

2. Conversion to and from eBook formats like ePub, Mobipocket, Adobe PDF, PostScript, Microsof Reader, Amazon Whispernet and several others.

3. 24/7 availability of conversion specialists to convert even large volumes of files in the tightest deadlines.

4. Cutting-edge technology and software for fast and easy conversion.

5. Significant experience in producing output files with established efficiency and accuracy.

6. Can add, re-size and reposition images and graphics.

7. Remove blank pages, re-page, remove headers/footers and any redundant content as required.

8. Strict confidentiality and safety of the manuscript during and after the conversion process.

9. Empathetic and round the clock customer care to resolve any queries you may have.

10. Free trial sample.

Need eBook Conversion Services? If Yes, then you need to know some facts

Important facts about eBook conversion services:

1.   Highly skilled and experienced conversion service providers are proficient at converting eBooks and any other digital content like digital magazines, electronic reports and newspapers, etc. from one digital e-Book reading format to another format. eBook conversion has become essential to reach a wider audience as different e-Book readers use different formats.

      2.   Not only just eBooks but an eBook conversion company can also convert printed books/ hardcopies or scanned copies into any eBook format as desired by the client.

      3.   Professional conversion specialists are proficient at converting eBooks into almost any desired format such as Amazon kindle, PDF, Quark, Adobe InDesign, MOBI, AZW, PRC, ePub, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, Amazon Whispernet, HTML, Mobipocket and Apple iBooks Author.

      4.   Outsourcing firms have the latest tools and techniques to produce high quality error-free output which is not possible with free conversion software available online. Some of their specialized styling services include producing text, layout and designs which are similar to the print edition to preserve its authenticity.

      5.   Outsourcing firms have a team of specialists along with a dedicated project manager or a supervisor to oversee the project till final delivery of the assignment. The project manager maintains regular communication with the client and provides regular updates about the progress of the work.

      6.   Another important fact about professional eBook conversion service providers is that they also have formatting experts in their team to check your manuscript for any typos, formatting errors, spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes and rectify the same before the conversion process. As, even the simplest or the smallest errors can affect your sales adversely. Their formatting experts also remove blank pages, re-number the pages, remove page numbers, and remove headers and footers and any other redundant content as required by the customer.

      7.   The conversion specialists from outsourcing companies can also add images and graphics to your existing text during the conversion process. The can also re-size or reposition the pictures as required.

      8.   Outsourcing companies provide expert services at cost effective prices and work round the clock to provide the final output in the fastest turn-around time.

      9.   Availing professional eBook conversion services will also improve the clarity, visibility and readability of your eBooks and enhance the digital reading experience of your readers.

      10.  Last but not the least outsourcing companies also provide free trial sample to show the quality and authenticity of their work.

Want To outsource eBook Conversion Work To A Professional Company?

Tips to be kept in mind before you outsource eBook conversion work to a professional company:

      1.  eBook conversion professionals provide specialized and customized conversion services at the most competitive prices. If you are an amateur writer, a publisher or even a seasoned writer/publisher you can save a lot of money by availing professional eBook conversion services. Availing these services is dully beneficial as not only you save money by hiring an expert but also reach a wider audience by digitizing your eBooks and other content, which in turn increases the sale of your eBooks.

      2.  Conversion specialists can convert an eBook from one format to another format as well as convert a paperback into a digital format. You can give hard copies or scanned copies of your book and they would efficiently, accurately and quickly convert them into electronic books in any eBook format(s) as desired.

      3.  Outsourcing firms provide tailor made services to suit the needs and requirements of their customers. Different people have different choices / needs and it is wrong to presume that one size fits all.

      4.  These firms have the infrastructure and the latest conversion tools and techniques to convert the files efficiently and accurately. They ensure delivery of 100% error free converted files.

      5.  Outsourcing companies have a pool of talented experts and conversion specialists to finish your assignment in the quickest turnaround time. They can convert large volumes of files in the tightest deadlines.

      6.  Even the smallest of error while conversion can ruin the look of your book and may affect your readership adversely. Most conversion services providing companies also provide formatting services to remove any errors or inconsistencies from the document before the conversion. Their formatting professionals will check the document for any typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors and rectify the same for you.

      7.  Availing eBook conversion services from a professional company improves the readability and clarity of your eBook. These companies use specialized and latest software unlike free conversion software available online.

      8.  Conversion specialists also allow you to add images / graphics in your eBooks during the conversion process. You can also ask them to resize or reposition the images as required.

      9.  A professional eBook company can convert your book into any format such as MOBI, AZW, PRC, ePub, Adobe Digital Editions, Sony Reader, eReader, Mobipocket, Microsoft Reader, Palm Digital Media, HTML, PDF, Amazon Whispernet and many more.

      10.  You can either ask the outsourcing company for a reference of their previous work or most outsourcing companies also provide a free trial conversion for a small portion of your document to show their efficiency and quality. 

How to Convert PDFs into Other eBook Reading Formats?

Although, most of the e-Book readers like Kindle, Nook, Sony Pocket Readers and other popular readers support native PDF rendering but not all PDF documents are easily read on small eBook reader’s screen. One major concern with native rendering is that many PDF files are formatted to be read on large screen or to be printed and read in hard copies. Specialized and customized formatting features designed keeping in mind the online audience lose their authenticity and attraction when digital files or e-Books or any digitalized material is printed on paper. A document or a file designed to be displayed on a 20” monitor screen becomes almost unreadable on a 5” smartphone screen.

Today most readers prefer reading digital books over their paper counterparts. Digital books have several advantages like they can be downloaded in large numbers in very less time, they need very less storage space, they are highly affordable and they can be easily carried around. Digital books save money, space and efforts of the readers. Different e-Book readers use different digital devices to read and access eBooks, digital magazines, digital newspapers and other digitalized reading material.

Why to convert a PDF file into other eBook reading formats?
  • PDF has its limitations as it is not accessible on all the eBook readers.
  • Conversion of PDF to other formats/web friendly formats is a difficult task.
  • These files are not easily reflowable.
  • PDF files do not adapt well to various devices and displays. It is difficult to view PDF files on smaller screens.
  • Lastly, the code to generate a PDF file is complex and difficult to master.
  • PDF conversion is an advantageous, beneficial and a smart choice for writers and publishers as well readers to enjoy their digital reading experience.

How to convert a PDF file into other eBook reading formats?

There are various tools to convert PDF to eBooks. Although, some specialized tools like Calibre and K2pdfopt, etc. are available in the market to convert PDF files to other eBook formats. It is a wiser option to avail PDF to eBook conversion services from a professional conversion specialist. Outsourcing firms specialize in conversion services and are proficient in converting any given format into any desired format in the fastest possible time and in the lowest prices. They have the dedicated tools and software and experienced staff to provide their customers with the best solutions as per their needs and requirements. 

The Topmost Reasons to Avail Professional Kindle Conversion Services

Kindle conversion services include converting paper documents or any another format like PDF into Kindle format. Amazon’s Kindle is a very popular and extensively used format. It is an essential platform used by writers and publishers from all over the world to reach more number of readers. Kindle format can be used on various different electronic devices such as Windows, iPad, iPhone, Mac and Smartphones.

Professional Kindle conversion specialists can convert any of the following: 
  • Written documents
  • Scanned files 
  • HTML 
  • Text 
  • PDF 
  • XML 
  • MS-Word 
  • QuarkXPress 
  • Adobe InDesign
Into any of the following formats: 
  • MobiPocket / .mobi format 
  • .prc format, which is very similar to MobiPocket but initially was developed to be Palm PDA compatible, and
  • .azw format, which is a native version of MobiPocket. 
Some of the most commonly used and required Kindle Conversion Services are: 
  • PDF format into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • MS-Word into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • HTML into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • TXT into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • ePUB into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • XML into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • QuarkXPress into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • Adobe InDesign into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • Hard copies into MobiPocket / Kindle Conversion
  • Scanned and printed material into MobiPocket  / Kindle Conversion
Let us discuss some of the crucial reasons to avail professional Kindle conversion services: 
  1. Availing professional conversion services helps you convert any eBook or document from any given format into Kindle. 
  2. Conversion services are extremely cost effective and efficient. Outsourcing firms have manpower, infrastructure and the latest technology to accomplish even large assignments in the fastest possible time and at the most affordable prices. 
  3. Outsourcing companies have specialized conversion tools and software to provide 100% accurate and error-free converted files. These service providers are well equipped and well-furnished to provide best in the class services to their clients.  
  4. Outsourcing companies have flexible staffing options to offer you services round the clock. 
  5. Another crucial reason to hire a conversion specialist is to maintain the authenticity and originality of the original document across any platform.
  6. Professional conversion service providers can handle even the most complex conversions and complex elements like tables, charts and footnotes with assured ease and accuracy. 
  7. These outsourcing firms have dedicated teams and project managers who acts as the sole point of contact for the client and make sure that quality standards are being followed till the final delivery of the end product.
  8. Most service providers provide their prospective clients with a free sample conversion for a brief portion of the entire document.
  9. Speed, reliability and quality are assured to the client and the project is completed well within the committed deadlines.
  10. Confidentiality and safety of the shared files/documents is ensured through restricted access, password protection and confidentiality agreements.

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Why outsource eBook Conversion Services to a Professional Company?

What is an eBook?
An eBook is an electronic book which can be read using a Computer, Laptop, nearly all Smartphones and special eBook reading gadgets like the Sony Reader, Noble and Barn, Nooks, Amazon Kindle, etc. Most digital reading devices require different formats for the reader to read the book. An eBook is either a digital duplication of a paperback or can be written and released keeping in mind the online audience. Initially, eBooks could not be downloaded and were primarily scholarly or technical in nature. With time, eBooks became downloadable and their sphere also widen to cover electronic magazines, electronic comics as well as electronic newspapers. Devices specifically used for the purpose of reading eBooks are called eReaders or e-Book readers.

What are eBook conversion services? 

The eBook readership is growing drastically and they are becoming a fad with all generations. eBooks have innumerous advantages owing to their popularity. They are cheaper than their paper copies and are sometimes available even for free download. Online libraries and reference sites give their users the benefit to download and read eBooks for free or for a nominal membership fee. Another major advantage of eBooks is they can be stored and saved in one place. A computer or an eBook reader can store thousands of books at the same time. Physical storing these many books requires a lot of space and maintenance. Also, eBooks are easy to access and read. The font size, format, page size, color and other such things can be increased or decreased as per the requirement of the reader.  They can be carried easily and most eBook readers, phones and tablets can carried in handbags or pockets. 

Why use professional eBook conversion services? 

Professional conversion service providers have specialized conversion tools and techniques to rapidly and accurately convert eBooks from any given format to any format as desired. Even the slightest of mistake or error can turn off your readers and negatively affect the sales of your books. Document conversion services are highly effective and beneficial for writers as well as publishers. Digitizing your book ensures that your content reaches a wider audience and by hiring a conversion specialist you can be assured about perfection and high quality final output. Conversion professionals are highly experienced and proficient in their work and can convert large volumes of documents with equal ease and perfection. 

Why outsource eBook conversion services?
  • Some of the major benefits of outsourcing are:
  • Quality eBook conversion services at cost effective prices
  • Latest tools and technology
  • More focused and undivided attention to your core activities
  • 100% assured confidentiality and security of manuscripts, during and after the assignment
  • Faster results in quicker turnaround time
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Option for final output delivery via any preferred medium

The Vital Benefits of Professional Word Processing Services and Word Formatting Services

In a layman’s terms word processing means to transfer thoughts and ideas onto a printable document through the word processor. Various documents like reports, letters, summaries and research papers, etc. are often created with word processor.  Word processing involves writing, formatting, saving and printing text using a computer.

Although several word processing / formatting software are available on the internet, it is a wise decision to use the services offered by professional MS-Word specialists. Currently word processing services are being used by journalists and reporters, authors, students, researchers, self-employed, entrepreneurs, businessmen, transcription professionals, database management professionals and administrative departments to save time and money as well as to benefit from the professional services to maintain highest level of accuracy and perfection. Professional word formatting services include highlighting mistakes, typing and grammatical errors and correcting them to produce 100% flawless documents.

Some of the widely used word processing services and word formatting services are as follows –
1. Typing and transcribing as per the quality of the document or image
2. OCR spell check
3. Auditing, formatting and adjusting the text
4. Preparing and adjusting charts, tables, images, etc.
5. Setting and including headers, footers and page numbers
6. Setting bookmarks and hyperlinks
7. Preparing and modifying index page
8. Removal of errors like typing, spelling and grammatical mistakes
9. Maintaining better consistency throughout the document

Why choose Word documents over paper?
1. It becomes easier to modify, delete, edit, share, format and print the document.

2. All your ideas can be stored in one place, in one file. You can allow your ideas and creativity to flow freely as you can change or modify the text later if required.

3. You can organize all your documents and work in one place.

4. It is easier to share and store word files electronically.

5. You can insert tables, graphs, charts and pictures in word documents.

6. Word processing programs also have certain desktop publishing features like   text boxes and the option to insert graphics in any page.

7. Word documents can be distributed on multiple platforms including the web.

Benefits of professional word processing services and word formatting services -

1. Professional MS-Word experts edit and create error-free texts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

2. MS-Word specialists provide customized services like document designing,  template based word document processing, etc. as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

3. Expert services let you achieve maximum quality by providing proficient formatting services.

4. You can enhance your productivity by delegating word processing and formatting tasks to a professional outsourcing firm.

5. Electronically stored documents can be managed, organized and assembled more dynamically.