Layout Services for Journals

A fixed layout is a document (e.g. - journal) layout that stays the same as it was designed. Such a layout cannot be changed to accommodate incoming data. Fixed layout conversion services are in great demand all across the world. Fixed layout has more to offer than standard eBook formats in terms of formatting and layout. Fixed-layout titles can closely replicate the layout of an InDesign file or a print PDF. Fixed layout is no longer restricted to just PDF, DjVu, CBR/CBZ but now is also available in some versions of ePub. This is one of the vital reasons of increasing demand for layout services for journals, as they make the journals accessible on varied digital reading devices.

Fixed layout conversion services for Apple, Kobo, Google and Sony

Fixed-layout ePub3 files work across an increasing number of devices and platforms. They can be sold through Google Play, Kobo, Apple’s iBooks app and iTunes and Sony’s Reader Store. They are not yet supported on Amazon kindle devices or Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

Most ePub3 compatible devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Google Nexus and Kobo Arc allow the readers to switch between viewing the digital document (e.g. – Journal) as single page or as double page spreads. Most devices have an animated page turn option. Unlike regular eBook formats, which allow the readers to change settings such as the font, line spacing, text size, with fixed-layout files the page elements are fixed. Although, ePub3 format compatible devices give the readers the ability to zoom in and enlarge specific areas of the page.

Fixed layout conversion services for Amazon Kindle

Amazon is offering fixed layout through its KF8 format. Although, KF8 does not have many features of the ePub3 format, fixed layout KF8 files work on most Kindle devices, like the Kindle PaperWhite, Kindle Fire tablet range and most Kindle apps. Some Kindle devices have smaller screens and can only transfer a limited amount of content at a time. The most operative KF8 fixed layout titles are those where the content specially the text is not too small.

Fixed layout conversion for Barnes and Noble’s Nook

Professional fixed layout conversion service providers can produce fixed layout journals in PagePerfect format, which can be sold through B & N’s Nook Book stores. PagePerfect format is compatible with Nook color devices and B & N’s Nook tablets.  PagePerfect is based on PDF format and can be read in single or double page views.