What Can eBook Formatting Services Do For Your Book?

Formatting means different things to different people. Broadly speaking eBook formatting services include customizing the general appearance, size, font, etc. of an eBook. They also include the way data is encoded into a file allowing different users to view it on different devices.

Perfect and accurate formatting of eBooks is critical for the popularity of the eBook, easier download and most importantly to offer an easier and flawless reading. Formatting services help in making your eBooks readable on different types of devices such as personal computers, mobile devices, kindle, etc. Different eBook reading devices require different formats like ePub, Mobipocket, Adobe PDF, PostScript, Microsoft Reader and Amazon Whisper net to download and read books.

What does formatting an eBook cover?
A well formatted and well-designed eBook attracts more readers. ePub formatting services are twofold in nature as they cover the professional layout and designing of the eBook and also the creation of the eBook file.

Formatting services cover designing the eBook’s title in an attractive way or by highlighting the author’s name, etc. The titles or the cover of eBooks can be formatted in many different ways as per the client requirements and the latest market trends. The writers can also opt for adding images or graphics while availing formatting services.

MS-Word is the most preferred format used by writers. Once the book has been completed, it needs to reach maximum audiences and for that impeccable designing and formatting play a crucial role. Almost each eBook reader has its own format and thus, it is wiser to publish your eBook in more than one format to gain maximum visibility and profits.

Here are some eBook formats and their compatibility with different eBook reading devices:

  • Kindle — Amazon Kindle
  • Mobipocket — Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Blackberry, Nokia
  • eReader (Palm) — Windows, Mac, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, iOS devices
  • EPUB — Windows, Mac, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Cool-er, iOS devices
  • PDF — Windows, Mac, Nook, Sony Reader
  • Microsoft Reader — Windows, Windows Mobile
eBook formatting requires a specialized skill and art and thus should be left to experts instead of getting it ruined by an amateur with no knowledge and experience in the required field. By availing professional eBook formatting services you can prevent the most common formatting errors which an unprofessional tends to make while attempting formatting themselves. Faults like leaving blank pages, undesirable spaces within the text, use of different fonts and styles at different places need to be tackled by a specialist to give your eBook a flawless smart look.

Benefits of PDF and PDF Conversion Services

PDF stands for Portable Document Format and has quickly become a standard format for distributing and publishing documents electronically. Today, most of the documents published over the internet are in PDF format because of its remarkable features. PDF conversion services are becoming tremendously essential for the growth of businesses by increasing productivity, fastening processes and reducing workload and administrative tasks. It allows conversion of your text, paper documents, word, excel, csv, html, xhtml, binary or any data format into PDF.

PDF has two major reasons owing to its popularity: 
  1. PDF reduces the file size thus making it easier to send the file via email.
  2. It can also be exchanged/sent on slower internet connections.
PDF conversion is often looked upon as a tough process as it requires the appropriate skills and demands the best software applications and technologies to get accurate end results.   

These are some of the widely used PDF Conversion Services:

PDF Conversion Services

  • MS-Word to PDF
  • Paper to PDF
  • Image to PDF
  • Microfiche to PDF
  • Tiff to PDF
  • Microfilm to PDF
 The PDF format is widely used by every business, organization, small or big companies and professionals to represent their valuable data and information in a reliable and efficient way.

There are several benefits of using PDF and availing PDF conversion services to benefit from the same. Some of the vital advantages of using Portable Document Format are as follows:

  • PDF is a self-contained cross platform format.
  • PDF files can include text, fonts, images and 2D vector graphics.
  • It is one of the most easiest and convenient ways to represent the paper documents electronically.
  • Very useful in sending application data to browsers and to business applications.
  • Most accurate page layout file format.
  • Useful in representing two dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware, and operating system.
  • It can even represent complex data structures.
  • PDF format can include and represent the actual formatting, fonts and images of the original data.
  • PDF files are highly compressed and allow even complex structured information to be downloaded efficiently.
  • PDF allows the reproduction of published documents on diverse platforms.
  • It can quickly broadcast any information including graphics, images, tables, font and text.
  • PDF files may contain structure data, information to enable better text extraction and availability.
  • PDF files can be encrypted for security so that a password is required to view or edit the contents and can be signed digitally for authentication.
  • 3D drawings or objects can be entrenched to PDF documents, as it supports true graphic transparency.
  • PDF allows the user to access any page instantly and rapidly jump to the final pages of a lengthy document.

Guidelines to Follow before Outsourcing eBook Conversion

With the advent of digitization, the way people read or acquire information has changed radically. Electronic books and other electronic reading material have carved a significant place in people’s lives, in spite of their age group. It is profoundly crucial for budding as well as seasoned writers and publishers to convert their books into a digital format to reach a wider audience.

eBook is an electronic duplication of a printed book which is created to be read on personal computers, laptops, smartphones, or special eBook reading gadgets like the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barns and Noble Nook and the Sony Reader, etc. eBook conversion services cover digitizing the paperback into an electronic format or to convert one digital format into another. eBook Conversion companies provide excellent conversion services within the least possible time at nominal charges. They efficiently convert high volumes of files from Word, PDF, HTML, paperback or any other format into a fine quality eBook.

Tips for authors and publishers before outsourcing eBook conversion requirements:

  • New and innovative approach to work - eBook conversion service providers should be able to enhance the appearance and the content of your eBooks according to the tastes relevant to the targeted genre.
  • Specialist styling services – Styling services should include text, layout, design and typography which are relevant and similar to the print edition to preserve its authenticity. 
  • Customized Formatting and Conversion services – A skilled service provider can easily convert documents into any kind of file format like DOC, TXT, PDF, HTML, etc. and ensure a quality product regardless of the original document format.
  • Significant experience in eBook Conversion – An experienced service provider has significant experience in producing output file formats like ePub or .azw, and can convert files from one format to another with tested efficiency and accuracy.
  • Offering affordable prices – Outsourcing companies offer the most competitive prices for their services and can customize packages within the client’s budget.
  • Quality end output – The output should be thoroughly checked, edited and validated before the final delivery. Even minor errors can tarnish the writer’s or eBook’s reputation.
  • Safety and confidentiality – The eBook conversion company should adhere to strict confidentiality policies and guarantee that none of the files will be disclosed before or after the job.
  • Additional services – Some outsourcing companies also provide additional services like eBook formatting, eBook typesetting and eBook cover page design, etc. It helps the client hire one service provide for all his outsourcing needs instead of going to different providers for various jobs.

The Best Data Conversion Services for All Your Financial Data Conversion Needs

XBRL International developed XBRL, which stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It was developed with the aim of offering a standard language which is based on XML format. XBRL is an electronic format used to digitize business reports and file the company accounts electronically. XBRL conversion services involve converting XML data to or from XBRL, database to or from XBRL, flat files to or from XBRL, Excel to or from XBRL, web services to or from XBRL, etc.

Data conversion services ensure faster, cheaper and accurate data required for efficient decision making by organizations and offer financial and business reporting. XBRL lets you have computer readable tags to identify individual data items.  Public or controlled companies and authorities and companies engaged in details selection and merging are the potential clients of XBRL conversion services.

Primary features offered by XBRL:
  • Boosts visibility for detailed companies.
  • Performs fiscal reviews in a structure that can be used for quick analysis.
  • Allows the merchants to evaluate financial commitments and risks.



  The list of XBRL conversion services is as follows:

  1. To apply XBRL tags for mapping up financial statements
  2. To validate tags and make appropriate calculations
  3. To formulate XBRL reports in XML format for eFiling purposes
  4. To create an extended taxonomy if required by the client
  5. Provision to provide a highlight report for reviewing and providing concurrence
  6. To tag those decisions which require concurrence
  7. To add labels that require concurrence
  8. To convert XBRL files in a readable form
  9. To eFile XBL data with respective regulatory bodies such as SEBI, MCA, RBI, stock exchanges and mutual fund associations
  10. To provide XBRL tagging and conversion services for SEC filing and other financial authorities

When to outsource XBRL Conversion Services ?

  • Selecting the right service provider is essential to maintain quality and consistency in your work.
  • Outsourcing work to skilled experts helps you accomplish your task using appropriate software.
  • Outsourcing companies have certified and experienced professionals having sound knowledge of XBRL conversion services. 
  • Often a dedicated project manager or supervisor is assigned to an individual projects to provide feedback, apply quality checks, give timely updates and will make sure the assignment is thoroughly verified fore final delivery.
  • Cost effective outsourcing solutions which help the clients while reducing their workload and saving their crucial time.
  • World class quality control and committed support team.
  • Quick delivery of solutions for all your Document conversion services needs.

Increase your readership with kindle conversion services

As Amazon’s Kindle becomes increasing popular across the globe, the demand and the need for kindle conversion services is increasing enormously.  Kindle is one of the most widely read and used format and is a market leader in the eBook business. Kindle format is also available for Windows PC and Mac users, for those who don’t want to buy the device. eBooks are attracting more readers everyday due to their easy accessibility, low prices and hassle free handling.

Amazon’s website offers endless eBooks options under several categories with some of them starting from as low as 99 cents. Writers can themselves upload their latest titles and set their own prices. Kindle works as an advantage to writers as well as readers. Another amazing feature of Kindle is its compatibility with Windows, Symbian and Blackberry smartphones.

While there are several free kindle conversion soft wares that can be downloaded or accessed on the internet to help you convert your books or other documents into Kindle format. Unfortunately, they exhibit formatting errors or have issues with page numbers and often have no option to change the font size. Thus, it is important to outsource kindle eBook conversion services to an expert, to maintain the quality of your work.

Kindle conversion service providers are skilled in handling formats such as:

  • Hard copies/ Written documents
  • Scanned copies
  • HTML files
  • Text files
  • PDF files
  • XML files
  • MS-Word documents
  • QuarkXPress documents
  • Adobe InDesign

They can convert any of the above formats into Kindle conversions such as:

  • .mobi (MobiPocket)
  • .prc (it is quite similar to .mobi format but was mainly developed to be Palm PDA compatible)
  • .azw (exclusive ebook format developed by Amazon and also the native version of .mobi)

Some widely demanded Kindle Conversion Services:

  • PDF format to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • MS-Word to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • HTML to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • TXT to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • ePUB to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • XML to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • QuarkXPress to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • Adobe InDesign to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • Hard copies to MobiPocket / Kindle format
  • Scanned documents and printed material to MobiPocket / Kindle format

An array of advantages that can be benefited by outsourcing kindle conversion services:

  • Skillful and expert handling of complex kindle eBook conversion and other kindle conversion services in the quickest time.
  • Vigilant handling and confidentiality of documents.
  • Highly productive and professional team dedicated to your assignment.
  • Use of latest conversion tools and formatting techniques.
  • Most outsourcing companies accept documents in any format to be converted into Kindle format.
  • Cheap and Cost effective kindle eBook conversion services tailor-made to suit your budget and requirements.
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and assurance of error free end output.
  • Adherence to finest quality standards and turnaround time.
  • Another benefit which some outsourcing companies offer is a free trial sample to win your trust and increase their credibility.