Companies creating Interactive eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3

eBooks and eBook readers are evolving at a very rapid pace. Latest tools, software, formats, styles and several other elements and features are being used to create engaging eBooks and enhance the reading experience of the readers. The first and the foremost advantage of hiring a reputed conversion company is that by using the power of HTML5 and CSS3, their experts can create amazing CSS3 transitions and transformations; and high performance animations to make your eBooks look interactive and visually compelling to the readers. With the help of enhanced ePub3 services, they can create eBooks with embedded video and audio files along with images and text to increase the interactivity of eBooks. Their professionals use HTML5 and CSS3 to create interactive and animated eBooks which are highly engaging and appealing.

Let us discuss the various features and advantages that come with HTML5 and CSS3 and are critical in developing interactive eBooks - 
  • Better styling and improved presentation of the content and elements
  • CSS3 for animations, columns and text shadows, etc.
  • Creation of animated characters that augment the experience of the reader
  • Creation of buttons for added animation to make the eBook look more alluring and attractive
  • HTML5 and CSS3 animated eBooks offer built-in support for SVG and MathML
  • Integration of audio and video elements without the use Flash or any other any plugin
  • Inclusion of added functionalities such as Canvas, Geolocation and Finger Painting etc.
  • Scalable Vector Graphics for better clarity of images and other illustrations
  • Semantic markup

How will hiring a reputed digital content conversion company to create interactive eBooks with HTML5 and CSS3 benefit you?

      1. The customer gets the benefit of animated, engaging and interactive eBooks which was formerly possible only with dedicated apps.

      2. Animated HTML5 and CSS3 children’s eBooks and illustrations do well than the apps that are developed in the Apple iBook Store for the very same purpose.

            3. In comparison to development of apps you can save a significant amount with the development of HTML5 and CSS3 animated and interactive ePub eBooks.

      4. By using the MathML feature of HTML5 and CSS3, the conversion specialists can re-size the equations like text, style them and interact with the equations by using JavaScript.

·        5. Using CSS3, their expert conversion specialists can enhance the style quotient of your content, text shadows, transitions, rounded corners and animations.  

·        6. Taking advantage of the Geolocation function of HTML5, you can avail various options like Geolocation-based games such as geocaching, scavenger hunt, etc., interactive atlas, made-to-order travel/restaurant guides and road maps.